Deana Matić



Architecture is combined know-how of artistic and technical skills which make it possible to transform human life into a complete level of essence.

I trying to give a promise of a spatial and temporal narrative; space of bodily experience, movement and drama; a sequence of sensations, a journey through dark and light, a space where the revered old values of tradition, nature, and order still existed... The more I worked on the problem, the more I became aware that such happy, accidental reversals were less than usual; the deeper my analysis progressed, the stronger was I pushed to change my own way of seeing the problem. It turned out to be that the right opening of the story, adequate exposition of the plot and insightful posing of right questions, precluded, governed and directed not only the very outcome, but also the right choice of instruments and tools… To define a project that is unique of its kind, dedicated to a refined target of customers who love contemporary luxury and tradition atmospheres which are continuously renewed to delight and astonish.





»Set your heart in what is good / respect for nature«
»Lean upon feeling / love for man«
»Enjoy free spirit in architecture / freedom in design«




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