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2005 - 2008 HOUSES ABC, Zagreb

In late 1995. The small group of golf enthusiasts decided to find a location in Zagreb, where they would build a golf course,60 years after it was closed last golf course in Zagreb, one in Maksimir. After a long search they found the location ideal in size, configuration and use. Thus, only fifteen minutes drive from the center of Zagreb, created today's very successful Golf Country Club Zagreb.

Until May 2004.when was completed the first part of the project, construction of golf playgrounds, collected the necessary documents, prepared project documentation, purchased the land, selected contractors, and began building. The second phase includes the construction of golf playgrounds with 18 holes of competition, the New Club House, wellness center and 54 facility for athletes and visitors.
In every respect it is a pioneering project to build the golf course in Zagreb, but also in Croatia.

City of Zagreb will get with that complex, sports and recreational center Jarun, on the other hand the Sava River, Centre Arena across the field, and sports Lucko airport, 5 minutes away by car, then if realize the idea that between GOLF COURSE and untried University Hospital make sports- fun water park,one complete complex as there are not many cities in the world. Thus becomes Zagreb attractive destination for conference tourism, which inevitably follows the golf.

Engaged as a subcontractor, among the few professionals who have the expertise to engage in such projects, the project of building structures with ground collectors, with ceilings with heating-cooling system, with central management of all equipment, alarms, video surveillance / intelligence house / So facilities equipped with modern equipment and high quality natural materials, primarily, to ensure maximum convenience and minimal maintenance costs, and the largest project of installing a heat pump in Croatia, I wanted to preliminary design houses to provide greater flexibility and furnishing and decoration of space, and using also the technical solutions to enable different design areas.

With positive thoughts about golf as a sport with rules of good manners, as project supervisor of its highly demanding project, daily coordination and regular Visiting the construction site and realization control lasted for three years.

I look forward to my decision to actively join in the project "Lifestyle" and to share the beauty of the atmosphere and the high quality of life that we will achieve the completion of the project.


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