Deana Matić

2007 – 2009 : VILA D, Duboka, BRAC


In small bay, on the slope toward sea, the aim was to built a home with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a spacious living room with great view, suitable for large – scale social occasions in the summer.

So, the rooms are placed in the ground - floor of the home and are encircled by floating walls, providing an appearance of graceful lightness. The living room is an unbroken open space on the first floor, in which floor coverings and rugs mark off the different spaces for watching television, relaxing, listening to music or socializing with friends. They have interior and exterior spaces and receive direct sunlight.

Shutters of stairs structures are made of carbon fiber.

Applying the solutions of the possibility design brise-soleils like movable shutters which slide horizontally and cover large portions of exposed glass surfaces , until the final solution, I must thinking about:

  • living room, interaction with outdoor space
  • dining, interaction with outdoor space
  • all parts of façade have to be in line with each other
  • my wish to have all shutters in the line of the façade
  • all shutters must open in the way that all glass surfaces has to be expose


Large concealed sliding wood shutters are “activated façade” by sliding in the line of the façade in modulations, with one module 120 cm of glass or more – that means 480 cm on the west (in the dining) and 360 cm on the east (in the living), but also allow the owners to reconfigure the spaces to accommodate constantly fluctuating needs for privacy.

The owners desired total openness and flexibility, combined with a range of materials that would enhance these general aims and stimulate the senses.

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