Deana Matić

2005 : APARTMENT M, Maksimir, Zagreb


This apartment occupies the top floor of a typical house in the Maksimir, overlooking the garden and green, as befits a given location. The project aims to transform the new, just built, loft house into a functional living "open space", with separate bedrooms tract. After long and tiring day, a very busy young couple wanted to feel homey atmosphere, because they left warm homes of their parents and start a new life together, with the desire and the estate of the child. Space has achieved real warmth, thanks to the wooden floor and furniture, and touching with purple and ivory. Furniture is an imaginative combination of different styles, including old and modern works, combining to create a harmonious and inviting interior.

Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Maksimir_dining Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Maksimir_dining_detail Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Maksimir_living

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