Deana Matić

2005 : APARTMENT P, Sestine, Zagreb


In addition to the new spacious living space for a young couple, this apartment has a distinctive modern creativity and sophistication with careful selection of designed furniture, materials and color and lighting.


Two bedroom tract, bedrooms and bathrooms are located on two sides of the apartment, master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room and a warm and comfortable workspace on one side, and three bedrooms with bathrooms on the other side.


The entrance hall, kitchen, dining room and living room are located in the center. At one end the sliding glass door leads to the terrace in the peace and tranquility of the green garden patio. The living room is furnished with comfortable tailored "oversize" sofa made in Italy, purple armchair and sculptural table and a large composition "TV-High-Tec wall. Predominantly white walls contrasting wenge and purple are touched in some of the furniture, all designed by architects, and red in the kitchen through a door which adds color and vitality of the whole.


Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Sestine_kitchen Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Sestine_living Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Sestine_living_detail Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Sestine_living_dining Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Sestine_living_sofa Deana Matic_MArch_2005_Sestine_work room

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