Deana Matić

2015: Pavilion NAVA Nautica center & Monte Carlo & Monte Carlo Yachts CROTIA BOAT SHOW SPLIT

Presentation of two top companies:
NAVA Nautica center, 25th anniversary 

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OBJECT Pavilion follows visual identity of MC & MCY as the top brand for motor yachts and classic elegance of the future, and its agents, first-class perfect Nautical Center Nava, the oldest and the leading Croatian "one-stop boat shop" for sales, charter and luxury boats service.

ARCHITECTURE small glass house - Pavilion Nava Monte Carlo Yachts

Unique home-pavilion construction of anodized aluminum and tempered glass, black and white visual identity, with little tizian blue, has the significant black "frame" with black

Alu - check. The modular system, conceived of three modules 3x3m, is flexible, collapsible and foldable in several possible ways, and has active removable facade, with elegant design and sophisticated interior (selecting the top Moroso design elements).


A special experience, just like a relationship that has with each ship owner who chooses Monte Carlo yacht, side by side with real stars in Yacht Design: Nuvolari & Lenard. Designed and built to meet the needs of its owner, Nautica centar Nava, and the MC & MCY’s visual identity to the highest degree.

 Pavilion introduces a new story, ideal for sailing, and packed with concrete values.

Born from the idea to successfully travel, sailing like a ship, and to live on after the fair in Split, with its presence at trade shows around the world, and, directed by Nava’s headquarters of Beneteau Group in Split, this extraordinary house-Pavilion has an alibi for the extension of the summer at perfect places over the world, for the promotion of classic, luxury and the future.

As a designer of small masterpieces, I like in the beginning of the idea to have a good preparation for the theme - homes and life at sea, which I experienced myself on the high seas and sailing the oceans.

For the first step, a “click” is sufficient, after which there is no return.

 I believe that there is a huge possibility for engineering and art to find its way, and each of us has the opportunity to do so as we “sail” from dream to realization, and listen to people in space and time.

 The Croatia Boat Show, an international nautical event in Split, a beautiful, sports, and the old city of Diocletian, and fantastic Nava and MCY, provide just another reason to visit the Pavilion and to enjoy yachts Monte Carlo 5 and Monte Carlo Yacht 65, which are filled with beautiful atmosphere and attraction to details.

I love this trip. I love this dream and I love the world of the sea who will always vote for our heart watching us deep inside generously.

Everyone is more than welcome to Croatia boat show and other boat shows over the world with a passion and pleasure:

Sailing, sun, boat, sea!


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