Deana Matić

2005 : OFFICE SPACE HIP MEDIA, tower Vukovarska, Zagreb


This interior project is not just a manifesto of the company’s avant-garde. Flexibility, dynamism and mobility are the main qualities. It is, above all, an utterly new technology space. Its elegant transparency embodies the concept of the “Glass office”. Aspirations of new and the collection of modernity are perfectly coincided with company enthusiasm. The realization of the complex, with comfortable but simple pieces gives the whole concept a touch of luminosity. Especially the contrast between aluminum, plastic and wood, like tables of organic design and chairs with fascinating form. An idea of Lightness, speed and efficiency which can be seen in black-white-grey interior tones with red details provides an adventure and may shield the worker and visitor from the outside rush.


Deana Matic_MArch_2005_HIP_MEDIA_3D Deana Matic_MArch_2005_HIP_MEDIA_plan

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