Deana Matić

2007 / 2010 : Hairdressing salon ANTONIJA, Preradoviceva, Zagreb

With this project I am looking to create a salon with interior design that is a reflection of 21st century in design, technology and aesthetic vitality.

The world of hairdressing is one of the most dynamic,creative and progressive of professions and for me it's inside an opportunity to inspire all who share in this experience from the hairstylist and all the salon staff to the customer, to enjoy and appreciate the full value of creativity and new solutions it bring.
Determination and energy of owner to be the one of number one in hairdressing,then location in commercial street in downtown and a great showcase,and my meeting a whole new world of professional salon,glamorous decorating and furniture signed by the world's top designers,it was unbelievable and it has encouraged me to release my own creative energy, to let rip and go for it,to find new solutions which have the logic and beauty that I wanted to formulate and to go forward to become a better designer in order to fully enjoy the full potential of my work.

The whole my concept of beauty, design underwent a radical change from that point onwards history. More is not only "less", easy chairs or mirrors in white,lighted shelves,stone,glass,metal and lether combined with classical pieces, but the inventiveness and concern for details, and the works of contemporary art elements in a system in which each element has a soul, returning salon primary call, the meeting place between the Creator and his Customer.

We are proud to introduce a new salon, confident that you will be met with enthusiasm in the ecstasy interior to its role of beautifying women, as indeed all creations of the greatest "enfant terrible" of world design.



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